George Moraitis was born in Athens. Since a very early age he was involved in metal constraction work, by objerving various elaborate techniques in his father’s bronze and brass workshop.Vassilis Moraitis was one of the most eminent metal artisans in Greece. This has enabled George  to master a high standard of craftmaship very soon.In 1982, George  became head of his father’s workshop. He worked with many architechts and interior decorators, undertaking  public and private  commissions: the Megaron of Music, Great Britain Hotel,Asteras Vouliagmeni Resort, Caravel Hotel, Elouda -Crete,Image Hoteel -Santorini, King George Hotel, Mont Parnes Casino, Hotel Pendelikon,Hotel Theoxenia etc. He also creatd sets and individual objects for cinema and theatre productions. George has also composed music for several films.This involvment with music has informed his work in metal opening up new avenues of expretion.

George has worked with the following architects:

AVAX, Stelios Agiostratitis, Elliniki Tehnodomiki, MOB Architects.Constantinos Staikos

and Interior Decorators:

Angellos Agellopoulos, Kiki Andreou, Eleanna Dimopoulou& parteners, Vasso Milliaressi, Stavros Skiadaressis,

Veta Stephanidou -Tsoukala& Takis Tsoukalas,  Allan Jones, John Stephanides,  Lian Vermeer.


18/9/08: Cats & Marbles Gallery “Screen your Thoughts”, currated by Marina Coriolano- Lykourezos

10/5/2010: Agellos and Leto Katakouzenos Foundation “Melange a trois”, currated by Iris Kritikou

8/6/10: Gennadios Library, ” Ioannis Gennadios and his world”, currated by Iris Kritikou

9/6/10: Tchnopolis- Gazi, “Ophalmophanes”, currated by Iris Kritikou

23/7/10:Historic and folkArt Museum of Aegina “Sweet Summer”, currated by Iris Kritikou

3/9/10: Brinies Estate, Porto Heli, “Brinies 2010-Art on the Estate” ,currated by Iris Kritikou

10/11/10: Citylink (Spyrou Miliou Arcade), “City Fashion & Fusion”, currated by Iris Kritikou


“Savoir Vivre” Sunday edition of Vimamagazino newspaper by Maria Harami26/6/09, 26/2/12 and 26/8/12

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